recent stuff

IOU NIC "bridge" Connect IOU with real networks or dynamips

The quality of my code is *erm* surely far away from being perfect or secure. Any bugfixes, suggestions, constructive criticism (rest goes to /dev/null) and feature requests are more than welcome, you can reach me via email: the.einval (at), or via freenode IRC network, /msg einval.

cool stuff from other people

Olive with qemu Using QEMU with Olive to emulate Juniper Routers

old/obsolete stuff

Cisco IPS 6 on qemu How to run Cisco IPS 6.0 (and maybe later releases) with qemu Simple BGP peering and route injection script - especially useful to advertise full tables from a DFZ dump (like raw RIPE RIS dumps ) Extract user and group information from Cisco VPN concentrator configurations, primarily meant for VPN3k->ASA migration.
Cisco IPS on VMWare run Cisco IPS 5.x on VMWare (thread at forum)
CCIE Security Home lab Build a CCIE sec lab with dynamips, pemu and IPS on VMWare
FreeS/WAN pages (english)
FreeS/WAN Seiten (Deutsch)
tvRSS script Hacked tvrss perl script to get rss feed working. Better use FlexGet together with your favorite torrent client.

last updated 04/2017